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Do you know What is Disciplined Agile?



Since you have learnt the basics of Disciplined agile, learn what the Vice President of PMI, Dsipclined Agile has got to say,

presenter – Mark Lines

Since you have understood the basics now, let’s get started which course you can opt for in terms of PMI-DIsciplined Agile
ProThoughts has specially designed a Disciplined Agile Knowledge Check (DAKC) that helps you to assess where you stand with respect to your Disciplined Agile certification and also, provides a solution on what you should do next. Maybe, it turns out to be a good solution at a minimum price.

As you are aware, Disciplined Agile provides 2 popular certifications – Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM) and Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM)    DASM is the starting point for your Disciplined Agile journey and any aspirant from any industry or domain can take this wealth of knowledge – an incredible combination of Agile, Lean and Disciplined Agile. Read our participants’ review and success story!!!

However, to do DASSM, which is higher certification, PMI mandates 2 years of experience in Agile. There is no audit from PMI on the eligibility. Many participants, thus, are more inclined to do a DASSM certification wherein you get a higher certification and you can save the cost of one certification of DASM. But, DASSM certification requires the foundation knowledge of DASM certification,  so that DASSM content is well understood and the net objective of cracking the exam is achieved.

The ideal path is to do DASM certification and go to the next level of DASSM.
ProThoughts has made it simpler for the project community. ProThoughts has created a Disciplined Agile Knowledge Check (DAKC) simulator wherein aspirants can check the knowledge of their DASM – the foundational layer of Disciplined Agile. ProThoughts has built an algorithm which suggests that whether the aspirant can directly go for DASSM certification, without going for DASM knowledge, or not, and further, suggests different solutions to save your costs.

DAKC simulator also suggests, depending on the simulator score, if you need a modicum of DASM knowledge before you go for DASSM certification. ProThoughts have preempted the same and have designed a DASM e-learning course for aspirants who can intake the Disciplined Agile foundation knowledge and therefore, get the best from their DASSM certification. ProThoughts also provide their supplementary materials along with the DASM e-learning course. Check out the DASM Certification details.

And the last option the simulator provides, as per your score from the DAKC whether you  need to complete the DASM certification course before the DASSM certification course

PS: We reimburse the nominal fee of the DAKC if you join any of our certification courses.


We have researched the market and our participants’ needs, and priced each option attractively, including the combo offer of DASM + DASSM certifications. To know more about the DASM / DASSM certifications and the attractive pricing, please fill in the enquiry form and our salesperson will connect with you.

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